Fashion And Minimalism: How To Create A Stylish Outfit

I do not want you to think that minimalism is boring. Minimalism in lifestyle and clothing style is a combination of comfortable, simple and polished outfits. There are no rules like: “As a minimalists, we only wear black, white and grey!” Do not run and start getting rid of all your clothes. If minimalism would be about exactly the same silhouettes and outfits for everyone, we would look like clones. Minimalism is for the understanding of what you need and what you love. This principle also applies to your wardrobe and style.

How to create a simple but stylish outfit based on minimalism and current trends? There are few simple rules and I will share them. Apply them to you daily outfits for comfort and elegance. Compliments will come your way.


The relaxed negligence principle. The daily outfit should not look like you just picked it up from a store. I love the style of Parisian girls who definitely know how to wear basic wardrobe and make it relaxed, yet elegant. Just a little bit of imperfection such as an untucked shirt or a scarf quickly wrapped around your neck will add the feeling that you did not spend a long time in front of the mirror.
Layers principle. The secret is in three layers made out of different textures and fabrics. These three things should be in harmony in terms of colors. They also will fit better if you will wear thin layers underneath and thicker ones on the top. As an example, it can be a vest, a cardigan, or a t-shirt.
Accessories principle. The most basic daily outfit will look interesting and different with a few good quality accessories. Accessories should reflect your unique style and express your individuality. As an example, these can be a classic watch, glasses or a necklace. Also, an interesting purse or a pair of boots can make any basic outfit stand out.

The “folded” principle. Did you ever look at a person and could not understand the chic of a simple and plain outfit? Perhaps it was because of folded hem and sleeves. This simple trick of folding a pants hem or jacket sleeves makes an outfit relaxed and natural looking.

Textures principle. This tip is based on mixing unusual textures. You can wear a soft shirt with a thik material blazer or jacket. Another great way to mix textures is a flat material with a fuzzy or knitted material. Add a pair of jeans to the combinations above and your outfit looks like a stylist was working on your wardrobe.
Remember, basic and classic clothes can look very interesting and unique if you are only using these simple principles.