7 Beautiful Places For Photoshoots in Winnipeg

My whole life I needed beauty around me. As long as I remember I was always looking for the beautiful sides even in simple things. The other day I received a message with a compliment that through my pictures, I make Winnipeg look beautiful and special. I think we just need to look for the best in everything around us. There are many beautiful historical spots in Winnipeg city that work great for walking around, taking pictures, and just enjoying a day out of the house.

1. Exchange District. I love downtown living because I’m within walking distance to historical streets and places, where I can go anytime I want. If you are planning to do a photoshoot at the Exchange District, check out Arthur and Princess Street. Basically just walk around and take pictures on streets that look like in an old Hollywood movie. Also, during the warm time of the year, there are many coffee shops that have tables outside (great idea for pictures too).

2. Legislative Grounds. Sounds pretty ordinary, but believe me its  worth the trip for taking pictures. No matter where you stand, the background will be good. My favourite time of the year to take pictures there is the end of May when trees in the Legislative park are blooming. Oh, can’t wait!

3. St. Boniface Cathedral. Pictures in this post were taken there by Marissa, a photographer from Winnipeg. The place is gorgeous not just for walking around, but for a themed photoshoot as well. Also, many couples take engagement and wedding pictures there.

4. Assiniboine English Garden. The garden is beautiful at any time of a year, but my favourite is late spring, and early fall. The garden is full of flowers, trees, and birds. By the way, in the winter time, if you bring nuts or bread, squirrels and birds might eat straight from your hands.

5. Birds Hill Park. The park is located just 30 minutes outside of Winnipeg. The ranch at Birds Hill Park offers horseback riding which is perfect for a nice photoshoot. Other than the ranch the park is pretty big so it’s not a problem to find a beautiful spot in nature for a photoshoot.

6. Forth White Alive. The park is just at the southwest entrance in Winnipeg. Forth While Alive is great for walking, breathing fresh air, looking at bison, and taking pictures in a forest or beside a pond surrounded by trees.

7. Corydon Avenue. Little Italy in Winnipeg. Many restaurants, boutiques and stylish people around. The street is very busy during summer and fall evenings because of open patios, so if you want street style photos then go during a weekday, early morning or in the afternoon. 

I hope this post was helpful, and you will enjoy these places in Winnipeg.

Have a creative and beautiful day!