Winter To-Do List: 7 Ideas For Winter Activities

Winter is not over yet. If you live in Canada, you might still have cold winter weather until the end of March. Personally,  I'm looking forward to spring weather right after Christmas. To make the frigid months in between more enjoyable, I'm trying to find fun activities for those days when it's warmer than -30C' in Winnipeg. In this post, I will share seven ideas for winter activities that you can enjoy not only if you live in Winnipeg, but anywhere else where the winter is cold and snowy.


1. Visit the Ice Castle. At the location in Winnipeg, there are princesses from the "Frozen" cartoon walking around, slides, fireplaces, and castles of ice. It looks like a perfect place for kids to have fun, and for adults to feel like a kid again. You can find more details about Winnipeg Ice Castle on the tourism Winnipeg website

2. Rent a cabin for a quick getaway. HERE you can find a post from our winter Gull Lake getaway. Find a cabin on Airbnb, pack and just enjoy the forest and lake view from the windows.

3. Attend a winter festival. In Winnipeg, the Festival du Voyageur is happening right now!  Go have a lot of fun at the fashion show, enjoy activities, and, of course, have some amazing food.

4. Take a sled ride. What can be more magical than frosty winter air, the sound of snow under the sleds? Not to mention the two beautiful running horses.

5. Go dog sledding. Another item on my bucket list. I didn't go this winter, but I think it's a great idea for one of the winter weekends. 

6. If it's not too cold,  grab a cup of hot chocolate, your skates and go to a local ice rink. If  you are in Winnipeg go to the Forks. Trees around the skating trail are still decorated with lights, and in the evening, you can have a magical time skating.

7. Watch northern lights. For this, you just have to drive outside of the city when it's already dark, and enjoy the show of lights. Just make sure to have a hot tea, warm clothes, and a camera.

Enjoy the last months of winter, and stay warm!