How To Stay Motivated

For me, February is known for sleepy days. All I want is to stay under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, doing nothing except maybe some reading or watching a movie. This might be because of the grey sky in the morning, or because it is too cold in Winnipeg to do anything outside. If you are struggling in the middle of a creative crisis because of the cold then keep reading how I motivate myself to get up and do what is on my to-do list. 

Reorganizing room/cleaning. Move furniture around. Buy new pillows or bring fresh flowers to your home. Just one new detail can help you get out of the bed and do more. When I have the energy downs I usually clean and reorganize my closets and shelves. Guess what? It helps. After a big cleaning, I don't notice how in just a moment I go back to my tasks with twice the energy.

Start a challenge. Start a challenge that will make you get up and actually be productive day by day. My personal challenges for February are: daily writing challenge (at least 500 words per day), and drinking more water. In the summer, drinking enough water is much easier because you feel the heat and your body needs more water. In winter, I just keep forgetting about drinking enough water. However,  I notice that my skin becomes more hydrated if I drink at least seven glasses of water per day. Therefore, find a challenge that will be for your best.

Stop criticizing yourself and others. Inspiration and good ideas come to those who look at themselves and at this world with an open mind, and a positive attitude. Actually, I checked that theory so many times already, and it is true.

Write down all ideas and tasks. I usually write all ideas for blog posts in my phone notes. Later, when you have no inspiration, those notes will be a big help. You will be surprised, but so many ideas come to my mind in the weirdest places and times. For example, I got the idea for this post when I was sitting and waiting for my work interview. I wrote it down together with three other ideas. I also usually write down a plan for the next day in my organizer. It is oddly satisfying to check off items as complete once you have finished them.

A new day is a new beginning. Literally. Why not? No matter what time, and in what mood you are waking up, each day can be full of small steps to making your dreams come true. Have a great day, and stay motivated!