Favourite Coffee Shops: Downtown Winnipeg

For Winnipeggers and visitors to the city!

Who loves coffee as much as I do? I must tell you that I love coffee as much as I love to sleep. To be honest, that was one of the first topics that came in my mind when I was stuck for ideas for my blog. With all my love to coffee and inspirational writing atmosphere at a cafe, I would love to present you, my dear reader, the list of the best coffee shops in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

My personal favorite is Thom Bargen on 250 Kennedy Street. First of all, this is closest one to my apartment building. I really do love the atmosphere. Marble colored tables, high-quality lattes, and staff are usually friendly and fast. So if you see me and my pink Macbook sitting beside the wall of plants (another advantage of the place) come to say "Hi".

Thom Bargen also has another location on 64 Sherbrook Street.

Parlour Coffee. 468 Main Street.

I love the location. Imagine a sunny September day. People are walking down Main Street, you are sitting on one of the tall bar chairs and enjoying a hot chocolate. I am not a big fan of the cappuccinos at Parlour but their hot chocolate, tea lattes, and lattes are amaaaazing. Just believe me. Oh yes, their baked goods are great combination of quality and price.


Well, who doesn’t know about this place on 110 Sherbrook Street or 460 Potrage Avenue? In my opinion, the Portage Ave location is better looking, but they are busier and you really have to try to get a spot beside the window, especially during lunch or evening hours. I honestly did not notice anything too special about their espresso drinks, but this fact successfully paid off with Stella's tasteful chocolate croissants and other baked goods.


Fools and Horses. 379 Broadway.

I do not like the name of the place haha. But I do love their coffee and iced lattes. I must tell you - the atmosphere is just très bien. They keep it simple, minimalistic, and just how a perfect coffee shop should be. Go, and check it out for yourself.


Fyxx Espresso Bar. 310 Broadway

Just few more steps down Broadway. With coffee/tea/espresso drinks you also get salads and sandwiches. I used to work here in my student years and must tell you that they are known for fresh products in the kitchen, and friendly staff. Also, they are open until 9 pm which you do not get at many other local coffee shops.

Little Sister Café. 470 River Avenue.

Typical hipsters place. I am not their biggest fan. The exception is their matcha latte. If you love it too, go for it at Little Sister Café. The location is also great, the cafe is right in the center of Osborne. Inside of the usually full café, you can meet some very creative people, maybe some local artists, but I usually never stay inside. Just grab my matcha and go for a walk around Osborne.

Hopefully, the post was informative and helpful. Enjoy your day and your cup of coffee from cafés around downtown Winnipeg!