Christmas Gifts Ideas: On a Budget Or Not

There are only 19 days left until Chrismas, can you believe that? That is the reason why I decided to make the first post in December all about Christmas gifts. I understand that as much as I'd like to post all inspirational winter wonderland posts, everyone is really thinking about Christmas gifts. And of course, there is shipping, which takes time if you shop online. You don't have a lot of time left to pick out the perfect gift. Lets get started.

I will create a separate page on my blog that will include many interesting gift ideas that you can find online. I will include stuff like gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for yourself and gifts that can be given to any relative or friend. In this post though, I will share some of my favorite items that I am planning to buy. Even better, someone could maybe buy it as a gift for me (hint, hint. boyfriend)

Let’s start with a…

Coffee maker. I am a huge coffee lover. In my student years, I used to work at coffee shops, so I really appreciate a good quality coffee. This is the idea of a gift that I would be happy to get - a vintage looking coffee pour over like from the TV show “Friends” TV and a pack of great beans of coffee like from Phil&Sebastian for example.

This one…oh how much I love this idea. I am sure your mom or girlfriend would like the box of Godiva chocolate with a pashmina scarf with the  Godiva logo on it. I found some different version of this set so pick the one you love.

Daily Planner. This is a very practical gift. You just have to know the taste of a person who you give it to. However, just a simple brown or black leather planner will fit most.

Big sweater. Is it not a cozy and warm idea? What else do you need? Get an oversized knitted sweater in a pastel colour (these are in trends this winter), or even better - get a sweater with a Christmas motive.

Christmas Tree Decoration. I agree that this is not a practical gift, but this is so romantic. Get a toy that will be put on the tree every year and will be a great memory for those who you love.

Figure Skates. I think this might be a great gift. Just make sure that the person needs them and you are get the style and size right.

Cosmetic Box/Body Care Products. This might be a great gift because these beauty boxes include many products and they can also be themed according to the coming holidays. 


Interior Decor Item. A gift like an interior decor can be given to anyone (your grandma, or your best friend). It doesn't have to be anything big, just get something classy and simple that would be used in the living room or the kitchen.

A Book. This idea is for the one friend who loves reading or loves collecting vintage and limited edition books. Get the story of A Christmas Carol in a vintage cover, wrap it in a beige paper, and tie it with a thin red ribbon. Sounds good, right? Just don't forget to take a picture for Instagram haha :) 

A Cellphone Case. You must agree that gift is very practical and memorable. 

These are all main the ideas for today. Let me know in comments below if you want more gift ideas and I surely will find great items for you. Have a great December, my dear! 

With a warm hug,

Marie S.